Acting: Film

MENORCA                                                                      Supporting                             Far Point Films / John Barnard
AMERICAN GIRL: McKenna Shoots for the Stars        Supporting                             Velma Productions / V. Marcello
THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD                       Supporting                             TVA Films/IFC Films / Guy Maddin
SOMBRA DOLOROSA (short)                                        Lead                                       Bravo! / Guy Maddin
SEVEN TIMES LUCKY                                                    Principal                                 Odeon Films / Gary Yates
THE BIG WHITE                                                             Principal                                  Capital Films / Mark Mylod
HELL ON HEELS: THE BATTLE FOR MARY KAY         Principal                                 CBS / Ed Gernon
VAMPIRE SEASON                                                         Supporting                            Independent / Paul Andrich
SWIMMING THE DREAM                                               Lead                                       Independent / Ryan Souter
THE BLESSING(short)                                                    Lead                                       Independent / Shira Newman
WHAT WILL THE NEIGHBOURS SAY (short)               Lead                                        Independent / Kellie Thomson
BLOW ME (short)                                                           Lead                                        Independent /Jaimz Barton
PORCELAIN DREAMS (short)                                       Lead                                        Independent/Michael Reisacher
DAD (short)                                                                    Lead                                        Independent / Talia Pura
TIT FOR TAT (short)                                                      Lead                                        Independent / Angela Froese
LATE (short)                                                                   Lead                                        Independent / Talia Pura
THE STRAWBERRY CONFESSION (short)                  Lead                                        Independent / Talia Pura
I DREAM OF YOU (short)                                             Lead                                        Independent / Talia Pura
COLLECTIONS (short)                                                 Lead                                        Independent / Talia Pura
LONG LOST LOVERS (short)                                       Lead                                        Independent / Corey King
FAMILY PORTRAITS (short)                                         Lead                                        Independent / Sean Simms
LADY OF THE HOUSE (short)                                     Lead                                        Independent / Damien Ferlan
VIOLETS ARE BLUE                                                     Supporting                             Independent / Talia Pura
INTEL                                                                            Supporting                             Independent / Talia Pura
THE DANCER                                                               Supporting                             Independent / Talia Pura
DID JESUS EVER LAUGH                                            Lead                                       Independent / Roman Buchok

New Media & Television

KEYHOLE PROJECT - THE HAUNTINGS, E5               Lead                                     Web Series / Guy Maddin
CASHING IN - Season Three                                        Co-Star - recurring               APTN / Norma Bailey
CASHING IN - Season Two                                           Principal                                APTN / Norma Bailey
NUMBER ONE WEST (pilot)                                          Lead                                      Nosmanda Prod. / Adamson
ELIJAH                                                                            Featured                               CTV / Paul Unwin
CHRISTMAS HEART                                                      Featured                               Hallmark Productions / Yates

Acting: Theatre

THIS I HAVE BELIEVED solo Manhattan Repertory Theatre
PERFECT LOVE various Blue Raven Theatre, Santa Fe
THE PASSION OF ETHEL ROSENBERG                      Ethel                                       Blue Raven Theatre, Santa Fe
THE WATER ENGINE various Oasis Theatre Company
METAMORPHOSIS                                                        Solo - various                         Adobe Rose Theatre, Santa Fe
JACOB MARLEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL                     The Bogle                               Santa Fe Playhouse / Golding
ANNA IN THE TROPICS                                                Ofelia                                      Desert Rose Playhouse / Jay
ALL TOO HUMAN                                                          Madamé Solame                   Warehouse 21 / Zibart Prod.
ROPE                                                                               Mrs. Atwater                          Wpg. Fringe Festival / T. Toles
AT A SNAIL’S PACE                                                        Maisy                                      Snowball Festival – NYC
SHABBAT                                                                       Shekinah                                Wpg. Jewish Theatre / S.Martin
MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM                                    Puck                                       SIR / Arne McPherson
MARY ROSE                                                                   Mrs Amy/Mrs. Ottery             Wpg. Fringe Festival / G. Toles
HARRIET BOSSE                                                            Harriet Bosse                        RMTC StrindbergFest
SOME KIND OF LOVE STORY                                      Angela                                    RMTC MillerFest / C. Gray
QUEEN OF MY HEART                                                 Mrs. Patrick Campbell           RMTC ShawFest/TheatreonTAP
MATA HARI: EROTICISM & ESPIONAGE                      Mata Hari                                Wpg. Fringe Festival
PRAIRIE SPIRITS& THE GOOD DAUGHTER                Mrs. Quin                                Wpg. Fringe Festival / Loc Luc
DEMONS OF THE MIND                                               Marie                                       Wpg. Fringe Festival
METAMORPHOSIS                                                        Various/solo drama                Wpg. Fringe Festival
SURPRISE, SURPRISE                                                   Laurette                                   RMTC TremblayFest / J. Burleson
THE SANDBOX                                                             Grandma                                  RMTC AlbeeFest / J. Burleson
CONFESSIONS OF AN ART SCHOOL MODEL           Model                                      NYC. T.O, Minnesota & Wpg.                                                                                                                                                         Fringe Festivals
BETTE DAVIS EYES                                                      Bette Davis                              Wpg. Fringe / Theatre on TAP
TRIP’S CINCH                                                               Val Greco                                 Wpg. Fringe / Jessica Burleson
CHEAP GOODS                                                            Various roles                           Wpg. Fringe / Theatre on TAP
3 PORTRAITS                                                                Mary/Kathy/Linda                    Independent/ Cairn Moore
ATTRACTIONS & A VIRGIN                                          Various roles                           Collective – Wpg. Fringe
ADAM'S EVE                                                                  Woman                                    P.T.A.M./ Helene Rouppe,
THE REUNION                                                               Mona                                       Dinner Theatre / Frank Adamson
AS YOU LIKE IT                                                             Phoebe                                    Shakespeare in the Park                                                                                                                                                                Gary Schellenberg
ROMEO AND JULIETTE                                               Juliette                                     Shakespeare in the Park / G.                                                                                                                                                        Gary Schellenberg
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM                               Moth                                         Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre                                                                                                                                                     Arif Hasnian

Aerial Dance: silks

Reflections                                           Solo                   Meow Wolf, Santa Fe                                                                
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo                   CLC Convention, Montreal                
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo                   Nuit Blanche – Le Cercle Moliere      
Reflections                                           Solo                   Girls, Girls, Girls - Gas Station                                     
Tools of the Trade                               Solo                   Girls. Girls, Girls -  Gas Station           
Aerial Artists                                        Solo                   Literary Festival - The Pas                                             
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo                   Manitoba Cultural Days – The Forks                             
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo                   Manitoba Showcase - Concert Hall                                            
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo                   Brandon Folk Festival                                                   
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo                   PortageDistrict Arts Centre               
Aerial Artistry                                       Solo - video      CODE - Vancouver Olympics      
Ether 1                                                   Solo                  Girls. Girls, Girls -  Gas Station                                                     
Ether 1                                                   Solo                  Element Sircus - Winter Solstice        
Black Water                                          Solo                  Girls. Girls, Girls -  Gas Station         
Demons of the Mind                            Marie                Winnipeg Fringe Festival                                             
Midsummer Night’s Dream                 Puck                  Shakespeare in the Ruins                    
Metamorphosis                                    Solo                  Winnipeg Fringe Festival                                                                
Dangerous One                                   Solo                  Alana Levandoski Concert                                    
Ether 1                                                   Solo                  WSO - New Music Festival              
Sweet Sixteen                                      Solo                  CancerCare Gala Fundraiser            
Flying                                                    Solo                  SIR Fundraising Gala                       

Modern Dance

This I Have Believed                          Solo                              WPIC, Cape Town, S.A.                                  
Der Holzweg                                       Duet/ Jason Hillyard   Choreographed by Brent Lott
Art Opening                                        Solo                              <SITE> Gallery
Ancient Voices                                   Solo                              Concert by Holly Harris
On New Ground                                 Solo                             Groundswell
Nativity                                                Duet/Brent Lott           DeFehr Foundation Event
Song of the Earth                               Solo                             William Pura’s Sonic Circuits
People of Spirit                                  Solo                              Wind and Fire Conference
Cheryl’s Song                                     Solo                              P.D.S. Fund Raiser
Behind the Mask                                Solo                             Winnipeg Fringe Festival                                           
On the Margins                                  Solo                              CAPPE National Conference

Filmmaking (director/writer/

Dad                                                                 2015 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
Can I Buy You a Drink?                                  2015 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                        2015 Crocus Award
The Dancer                                                    2015 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                        Distribution with The Winnipeg Film Group
LATE                                                               2014 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                       2014 Pink City International Short Film Festival, Jaipur, India
Violets are Blue                                            2013 Screened: ACTRA MB  Showcase                                                     
                                                                       2013 – licensing agreement, CBC T.V.
Intel                                                                2012 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                       2012 – licensing agreement, CBC T.V.
Aerial Artistry                                                2010   CODE Commission -Vancouver Olympics
                                                                       Screened at: 
                                                                       2010 Vancouver Olympic Games
                                                                       2010 Bell Mobility
                                                                       2010 Air Canada in-flight Entertainment
                                                                       2010 UK Olympic promotion - public
                                                                       2010 Gimli Film Festival
                                                                       2011 NSI on-line Film Festival
                                                                       2011 ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                       2012 Flin Flon Cultural Days
                                                                       2012 Rag Pickers Film Festival
I Dream of You                                              2009  Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                       2012 Rag Pickers Film Festival
The Strawberry Confession                         2008 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
                                                                       2009 Manitoba Aboriginal Film Festival
                                                                       2009 Winnipeg Fringe Film Festival
                                                                       2010 NSI on-line Film Festival
                                                                       2010 Gimli Film Festival
                                                                       2011 Show me your Shorts - U of Calgary
                                                                       2012 NSI ‘Fearless Female Director’ fest.
Collections                                                    2007 Screened: ACTRA MB Showcase
Hearing Diversity        Co-director               2014 ACTRA diversity film challenge


Anywhere But Here (screenplay)                 2017 NMWF reading, Sol Academy, Albuquerque
Meet the Authors                                           2017 Benchwarmers Festival, Santa Fe Playhouse
A Friend for Life                                             2016 published byPlaywrights Guild of Canada Press
Amazonia                                                        2016 for International Theatre Institute conference
EMILY                                                              2016 commission from The UnSlut Project / Emily Lindin
2017 reading: Women’s Voice Theatre Festival, Santa Fe
On Point                                                          2016 Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute, Ontario, Canada
Allein in Einer Grossen Stadt                        2016 for 365 Women a Year: A Playwriting Project
Lovers of the Enlightenment: Emilie & Voltaire          2015
This I Have Believed                                       2015 WPIC, Cape Town, S.A.
2019 Manhattan Repertory Theatre, NYC
Perfect Love    2018 Blue Raven Theatre, Santa Fe
-  readings                               2013 Canada Council reading – Winnipeg
                                                                          2013 Minneapolis Playwrights Centre
                                                                          2013 Sarasvati’s FemFest
                                                                          2014 MB Theatre Projects
                                                                          2014 Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
                                                                          2014 Theatre by the River
                                                                          2015 MAP: MB Association of Playwrights
Cry After Midnight-  readings                         2019 Fearless Female Voices: new play festival, Santa Fe
2014 published by the University of
                                                                                     Michigan - Mennonite Writings
                                                                          2013 Canadian War Museum - Ottawa
                                                                          2012 WPIC – Stockholm, Sweden
                                                                          2012 Sarasvati’s FemFest
                                                                          2012 MAP: MB Association of Playwrights
                                                                          2012 PGC: Playwrights Guild of CN, AGM
                                                                          2012 CN Women 4 Women in Afghanistan   
Cry After Midnight (monologue)                     2012 Produced by Sarasvati Productions
Queen of My Heart                                          2012 Equity Co-op - RMTC’s ShawFest
Ten O’clock                                                      2011 Sarasvati’s FemFest
                                                                          2012 PAL Studio Theatre - Vancouver
                                                                          2016 Benchwarmers Festival, Playhouse - Santa Fe
The Bride (monologue)                                   2011 Theatre by the River - reading
Harriet Bosse                                                   2011 Equity Co-op - MTC’s StrindbergFest
Mata Hari: Eroticism & Espionage                  2009 Equity Co-op Wpg. Fringe Festival
Demons of the Mind                                        2008 Equity Co-op Wpg. Fringe Festival
                                                                          2009 2nd place–BottleTree Playwriting Contest
Metamorphosis                                                2007 Equity Co-op Wpg. Fringe Festival
                                                                          2017 Adobe Rose Theatre, Santa Fe, NM
The Ostrich Club                                              2007 produced by Dial M for Murder
Mother Of Mine                                                2006 – MAP reading, Playwright Colony
                                                                          2017 - Aux Dog, X-Space, Albuquerque - reading
Strawberry Monologue                                    2005 published in Monologues for Women, by Women,
                                                                                      edited by Tori Haring –Smith. Published by Heinemann. USA

                                                                           2006 produced by Sarasvati Productions
                                                                           2000 produced by Wpg. Fringe
                                                                           2011 Mennonite Writers - reading
CHEAP GOODS: an auction adventure          2004 Equity Co-op Wpg. Fringe Festival
                                                                           2007 excerpt published in Manitoba Writers’ Guild anthology
Bette Davis Eyes                                              2002 Equity Co-op Wpg. Fringe Festival
Confessions of an Art School Model              2001 Equity Co-op Wpg. Fringe Festival
                                                                          2002 Minnesota Fringe Festival
                                                                          2002 NYC Fringe Festival- Juried
                                                                          2003 Toronto Fringe Festival
Hillary                                                               2000 commissioned by C.B.C. radio
The Appointment                                            2000 MAP instant Playwriting contest
Forever                                                            2000 ‘One Night Stand’ Sarasvati series
Dances With Sheep                                        1999 produced by Dial M for Murder
Violet                                                                1997 produced by Hamm It Up Productions
Strawberry Jam                                               1997 produced by See Shore Productions
Don't Answer that call                                    1997 produced by See Shore Productions
Delivery                                                           1995 published in Instant Applause II Anthology
                                                                                 by Blizzard Publishing
                                                                         1997 produced by See Shore Productions
Transcona Heights                                         1993 produced by See Shore Productions, Winnipeg Fringe Festival
Dracula                                                            1992 produced by Kildonan East Collegiate
                                                                         2005 produced by John Taylor Collegiate
                                                                         2010 produced by Salt Spring Island H. S.
                                                                         2013 Holy Redeemer Catholic H.S. - Edson
Love Me or Leave Me...                                 1990 produced by See Shore Productions,  Winnipeg Fringe Festival
Just Don't Slam the Door                                     



Perfect Love Blue Raven Theatre
six short plays Labinger Productions, staged readings
Ordinary People Almost Adult Productions, staged reading
Charming Billy Labinger Productions, Theatre Walk, Santa Fe
Strawberry Jam Blue Raven Theatre, Theatre Walk, Santa Fe
The Scorpion & The Songbird Benchwarmers Festival, Santa Fe Playhouse
Waiting in the Wings Blue Raven Theatre, staged reading
The Scorpion and the Songbird                    Benchwarmers Festival, Santa Fe Playhouse
Collections                                                      Blue Raven Theatre, Theatre Walk, Santa Fe
Same Time Next Year                                    Almost Adult Productions, staged reading
Pigeons                                                           Benchwarmers Festival, Santa Fe Playhouse
All Too Human                                                Zibart Productions, Santa Fe
This I Have Believed                                      WPIC – Cape Town, S.A.
At a Snail’s Pace                                             Snowball Festival, NYC
Cry After Midnight                                          Fearless Female Voices - Santa Fe
CN War Museum – Ottawa, CN
                                                                         CW4WA – Winnipeg, CN 
                                                                         PGC – Winnipeg, CN
The Wood Demon                                          PAL ChekhovFest, staged reading
Waiting in the Wings                                      PAL CowardFest, staged reading
Harriet Bosse                                                 Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Cheap Goods                                                 Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Demons of the Mind                                      Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Queen of my Heart                                        Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Metamorphosis                                              Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Bette Davis Eyes                                            Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Mata Hari                                                        Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN
Transcona Heights                                         See Shore Productions, Winnipeg, CN
Love Me or Leave Me                                    See Shore Productions, Winnipeg, CN
Macbeth                                                          River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Romeo and Juliette                                        River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
A Midsummer Night’s Dream                        River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
The Wiz                                                           River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
And the Beat Goes On                                  River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Dracula                                                           Kildonan East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
A Lamp, a Rose and a Kiss                            Kildonan East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
A Christmas Carol                                          Kildonan East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Dances with Sheep                                        Dial M for Murder, Winnipeg, CN
The Ostrich Club                                            Dial M for Murder, Winnipeg, CN
Confessions of an Art School Model            Theatre on TAP, Winnipeg, CN, Minneapolis, Toronto, NYC.
Numerous Devised Theatre Pieces              River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Dakota Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Kildonan East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Popular Theatre Alliance, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Sisler High School, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Glenlawn Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Fort Richmond Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
                                                                         Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre (youth program) Winnipeg, CN

Musical Theatre Choreography

The Wiz                                                          River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
And the Beat Goes On                                  River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Adam’s Eves                                                   Popular Theatre Alliance, Winnipeg, CN
Lil’ Abner                                                         Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Grease                                                             Glenlawn Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
A Chorus Line                                                 Glenlawn Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
West Side Story                                              Glenlawn Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Dracula                                                            Kildonan East Collegiate
A Lamp, A Rose and a Kiss                            Kildonan East Collegiate
Music Man                                                       Fort Richmond Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
Natural High                                                    Active Word Productions, Winnipeg, CN
The Journey                                                    Active Word Productions, Winnipeg, CN
Company III, IV, VIII – XII                                Tech Voc High School, Winnipeg, CN
A Mouthful of Birds                                        Black Hole Theatre, Winnipeg, CN
Adam's Eves                                                   Popular Theatre Alliance, Winnipeg, CN

Costume and/or Set Design

ROOMMATES Adobe Rose Theatre, Santa Fe
THE CRUCIBLE Ironweed Productions, Santa Fe
MOONLIGHT and MAGNOLIAS                                Adobe Rose Theatre, Santa Fe
BUS STOP                                                                  Adobe Rose Theatre, Santa Fe
PIGEONS                                                                    Benchwarmers Festival, Santa Fe
ALL TOO HUMAN                                                      Zibart Productions, Santa Fe
THIS I HAVE BELIEVED                                             WPIC – Cape Town, S.A.
QUEEN OF MY HEART                                              MTC’s ShawFest / Theatre on TAP
MATA HARI: EROTICISM & ESPIONAGE                  Wpg. Fringe Festival / Theatre on TAP
DEMONS OF THE MIND                                           Wpg. Fringe Festival / Theatre on TAP
METAMORPHOSIS                                                    Wpg. Fringe Festival / Theatre on TAP
SURPRISE, SURPRISE                                               MTC’s TremblayFest / Theatre on TAP
THE SANDBOX                                                         MTC’s AlbeeFest / Theatre on TAP
CONFESSIONS OF AN ART SCHOOL MODEL      NYC. T.O, Minnesota & Wpg. Fringe / Theatre on TAP            BETTE DAVIS EYES                                                  Wpg. Fringe Festival / Theatre on TAP
CHEAP GOODS                                                        Wpg. Fringe Festival / Theatre on TAP
3 PORTRAITS                                                            Venue XIII / Theatre on TAP
ROMEO AND JULIETTE                                           River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM                           River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
AND THE BEAT GOES ON                                      River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
MACBETH                                                                River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN
THE WIZ                                                                   River East Collegiate, Winnipeg, CN


75 Monologues Kids Will Love! (co-written with Joyce Storey) 2018
STAGES: Creative Ideas for Teaching Drama                                                2002
                Published by:   J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc. 
                                                                       Revised Second Edition           2013
CUES: Theatre Projects from Classroom to Stage                                        2013
            Published by:  J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing Inc.

The Passion of Ethel Rosenberg (co-written with Edward Morris)
Legacy newsletter Volume 32 - number 3 2018
Art on the Canvas - Manitoba BusinessJanuary/February                         2000
Deeper than Words - Sophia   Volume 10 - number 2                                2000
Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz – review
            Center for Mennonite WritingVolume 3 – number 4                       2011

The Visit - Sophia   Volume 10 -  No. 1                                                          2000
Emails to Anna   -  Prairie FireVolume 31 - No. 3                                          2010

First Person Singular – CBC Radio                                                                2000

Alexia Wants To Fly                                                                                         2015
         Published by LilyStar Press           


University of Winnipeg -  Instructor II                                                        1999 – 2015
Department of Education
         -Theatre, Performance Production and Creative Drama - Curriculum and Instruction
Designed courses, and instructed at the Winnipeg campus and in Bangkok, Thailand and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

River East School Division, Winnipeg, Manitoba - Teacher                 1991-1999
         - 1991-1995-  Kildonan East Collegiate:  Drama, English, Theatre Production, Dance.
         - 1995-1999-  River East Collegiate:  Drama, English.
Taught courses, Directed Dramas, Devised Theatre, Shakespeare, Modern Dramas, Choreographed musicals.

 Fort Garry School Division  -  Teacher, Term Position.                              1985-1986
          -  Fort Richmond Collegiate: Drama, Geography, Special Education

St. Vital School Division  -  Teacher, Term Positions.                                 1983-1985
         - 1983/84-  Dakota Collegiate: Drama.
         - 1985-  Glenlawn Collegiate: Drama, English.        

Substitute Teaching in all areas, from K-12                                               1986 - 1991, 2000 - 2010
Various Winnipeg and Rural Manitoba School divisions                              

Supervised Student Teachers for University of Winnipeg                      1999 - 2015

Workshop Clinician
Devised Theatre Workshop - Colombo, Sri Lanka                                      2018
Children's Theatre Summer Camp - Santa Fe Community College           2017
Women Playwrights International Conference – Cape Town, South Africa
        - Workshop – Devised Theatre for social justice issues                     2015
Playwrights Colloquium                                                                                 2014, 2013
        - Workshop Presentations: Choreography, Creative Drama, Devised Theatre
        -  Lectures: Plot, Playwriting, Screenwriting
        -  Universities of Manila, Bacolod, Silliman and Iloilo, The Philippines
Language and Literacy Conference University of Georgia, Athens            2013                                                    
        -  “Addressing Social Issues through the Creation of Collage Collectives" 
Community Collaborations Conference, ACI.                                                2013
        -  “Devised Theatre for Social Justice”
SAGE – Special Area Groups Educators
             MB Drama Teachers Association                                                       2014, 2012
             MATE – MB Association of Teachers of English                               2011, ’10, ‘09
             Early Childhood Educators                                                                 2008, 2007
CODE – Conference of Drama and Dance Educators – Ontario                 2010, 2013
University College of the North, in The Pas                                                   2013
Vincent Massey Drama and Dance Teachers                                                2012
Lertlaw teachers, campus 3 – Bangkok, Thailand                                         2012
The Pas Players                                                                                                2011-2013,  2008, 2009
Manitoba Hutterite Colonies                                                                           2011
Sisler High School Aboriginal Program                                                          2011/12
Playwright Leader of Uth Ink. - Playwrights Guild of Canada                       2010/11

Adjudicator and Workshop Clinician for an average of four Drama, Dance or Speech Arts Festivals per year throughout Central Canada                                                                           1987 – 2015

Jury member for Manitoba Arts Council, Winnipeg Arts Council, Winnipeg Film Group, University of Manila film festival and others                                                                                         2000 - 2015

working with youth

Coordinator – Youth in the Arts Mentorship Program:  ACI MB              2007 – 2015
(Arts and Cultural Industries Association of Manitoba)
      Matched youth with local arts professionals for seven-month mentorship experience
      Matched two rural youth with local mentors for five-month mentorship experience
      Partnered with Winnipeg Film Group, Manitoba Music, Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Millennium Library, for             group mentorship programs in filmmaking, music management, stage management & sound, and creative               writing
Through the years I refined the program to meet the needs of youth wishing to establish or explore careers in the arts and cultural sector, supporting the youth and mentors to achieve their goals. 

National Academic Advisor – Nacel (Student Exchange Program)         1995 – 2007
       Hired and trained coordinators across Canada
       Represented the organization at annual international meetings
       Organized and conducted student orientation conferences
       Acted as liaison between students, foreign agencies, Canadian schools and parents
       Placed hundreds of students in homes and schools for short and long term programs
      Designed and implemented evaluation and supervision schedules and reports

Choreographer - National Women's Team of Puerto Rico                       1979 - 1981


Working Board Member

Member at Large - TSF                                                                            2016 - 2018
President 2019 - present
(Theatre Santa Fe – a collaborative organization for all live theatre organizations and professionals in Santa Fe)
        Organize events for members, fundraisers, awareness campaigns
        Social Media coordinator

Member at Large - ISC                                                                               2016 - 2017
(International Shakespeare Center of Santa Fe – an organization supporting the advancement of Shakespearean knowledge, production and training of actors in NM.)
       Organize training opportunities and public events
       Engage in fundraising

President & National Councillor – ACTRA Manitoba Branch Council   2009 – 2015
(ACTRA is the union for screen actors in Canada)
       Created the Wayne Nicklas Award for outstanding service to ACTRA Manitoba
       Created the annual Member Initiated Projects Showcase
       Initiated the bi-annual Performance Awards Gala
       Created the Victor Cowie Lifetime Achievement Award
       Created the International Women’s Day recognition award
       Served on the National ACTRA Council for six years and National Executive for two years

President - Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers                                        2009 - 2010
Member at Large                                                                                           2008 - 2009
       Support artistic and administrative staff of the dance company
       Plan and engage in fundraising events and campaigns

ACTRA rep - Film Training Manitoba                                                          2009 - 2010, 2012 - 2013
       Plan actor training opportunities
       Support activities and lobbying effort of the film industry in Manitoba

President - Manitoba Association of Playwrights                                     2003 - 2005
Member at Large                                                                                         2001 - 2003
      Planned events and opportunities for our members
      Planned and supported fundraising efforts on behalf of the organization

President - Panthers Gymnastics Club                                                        1996 - 1999
(parent owned and operated competitive gymnastics Club)
     Oversaw budget
     Supervised coaching and administrative staff
     Planned events and fundraisers for members

President - Interact Dramatics                                                                        1984 - 1991
     Oversaw budget
     Coordinated grant writing for funding
     Planned training opportunities for members
     Coordinated workshops